Join the Wells Area Chamber Of Commerce Today!

Joining the Wells Area Chamber of Commerce means joining your business and community advocate! As a member, you’ll be part of an organization focused on boosting the local economy and enhancing life in the Wells Area.

We stimulate growth, increasing demand for goods and services and fostering a stronger, more united community. Together, we make Wells a fantastic place to live and work by bringing businesses and professionals together to improve our community and support each other’s success.

Investment Guidelines

First year membership qualifies for a one-time 50% Discount

Regular Members – Based on average number of employees during the year. Company owners are to be included in the number of employees (two part-time employees = one full-time employee). Included are network marketing and in-home businesses.

  • 0-5 Full Time Employees $200
  • 6-15 Full Time Employees $250
  • 16-25 Full Time Employees $500
  • More than 26 Full Time Employees $1,000

Non-Profit Members – Follow the Regular Member schedule, with a 25% Discount after the first year.

Independent Member – Applies to any member of the community not otherwise engaged in professional or business ventures. The membership applies to individual as a representative, not an entire organization. $100



The goal of the Wells Area Chamber of Commerce is to promote the commercial, industrial, civic, cultural and general interest of our city and region. To accomplish this, action committees explore every avenue and possibility.

More importantly, the chamber consists of people just like you, who realize that through the chamber, they can accomplish tasks collectively rather than individually.

The strength of the chamber lies in attracting the greatest number of members and creating a pool of resources from which ideas will grow. We want your participation for a better community!

As a chamber member, your business will gain recognition and respect as one of the community’s interested and active businesses which is concerned about the Wells Area.

Becoming a member of the Wells Area Chamber of Commerce provides opportunities to give back to the community and capitalize on significant member benefits; Serving in this leadership raises your recognition, visibility, and credibility, as well as that of your business.

The Chamber Bucks program: As a chamber member your business will be able to accept Wells Chamber Bucks for payment. That’s money spent only at Chamber Member Businesses!

As a chamber member you will also receive valuable information and knowledge from Lunch and Learn events, after hours meet and greets, a discount on the Welcome to Wells sign on Hwy 22, discounts and free booth space at various events throughout the year.

The chamber is a not-for-profit organization, supported mainly by private membership investments. The chamber is made up of businesses, professionals, and other civic-minded citizens united to promote a favorable business climate for its members and a healthy community

As an advocate of the business community, we seek to advance education, support progressive government, and in general, promote the welfare of all citizens to enhance the quality of life in the Wells Area.

The chamber is the only organization whose business promotes business. A strong united community strengthens and builds the economy.

The chamber’s prosperity depends upon the development of a prosperous, healthy, and happy community. Keeping this community healthy and viable is in your best interests as a business owner, an employer, and a citizen. It’s that simple!

We invite you to join us!